Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Travel in style this season

Travel in style this season

Sheer blouse
$271 -

Givenchy skinny fit jeans
£424 -

Prada ballerina shoes
$390 -

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Exercise and Fashion

Exercise and Fashion - which one comes first?

The Treadmill, elliptical, jogging around the track, 100 sit-ups, lifting free weights... Does working out really have to be that painfully boring?

Really, what does working out have to do with image consulting anyways. Lots, actually. When we look good, we feel good and vice versa - when we feel good, we look good. Many people who come in to see me for image consulting say that they want to wait until they "lose to weight" before they proceed with the wardrobe edit, shopping trip, styling, etc. My answer is always the same - look good NOW, feel good NOW! If you "wait" to lose the weight, there's a good chance that you will never lose the weight. Honestly, how many people right now can say that they wouldn't mind losing 5-10lbs? SO - my philosophy is get to a place where you can feel good (or as good as possible) about they way you look now. Let the snowball effect work for you in a reverse sort of way...

If you feel like you look "fat," "gross," "overweight," "ugly," "undesirable," etc.. and then you never leave the house (or you only go out for grocery runs in your baggy sweats that you have worn in every day for the past month, then how are you supposed to feel any different about the way you look. Regardless of your actual size, if you don't take pride in what is good about your body now, then how can you expect to change it?

So again I say, look good NOW, feel good NOW! I advise my clients to come in now and start to change the way they feel about themselves. Put on makeup, even if you are just going to the grocery store. Find a cute outfit that you want to wear out to dinner or for drinks. Start to love yourself NOW. The comes the fun part...

Once you start to love your body, you start to make healthy changes. You will start to push away that dessert option at dinner. You might decide that you want to walk instead of driving to the restaurant. You may decide that trying a fun new workout class sounds like a good idea. You might even decide that you will do whatever you have to in order to FEEL good about yourself. Viola. The reverse snowball effect.

You can't make any good decisions about how to take care of yourself if you have been chained to your couch for the past year. You need to get up, get out, and realize that you have a great body worth taking care of. I always start with the outside as it ALWAYS impacts the inside.

I have my clients go through a regular image consulting regimen. We do the style assessment, wardrobe edit and shopping trip. My deal with my clients is that if they do lose 30 lbs or more over the next year, I will re-do the shopping trip with them for free. It really does work. Once you start to take pride in yourself as a worthy, interesting human being, you start to take care of yourself.

So good... we have you feeling good and ready to get on the workout bandwagon. What does that look like? Like I said earlier, who wants to jog on a treadmill for an hour? Those days are long gone! There are so many great workouts these days that there is no need to suffer through an hour of mediocre cardio.

Some of my favorites:

- CrossFit. I just started this so I can't say a whole lot about it but I do know people who have done it for months and LOVE it. It's a combination of weight training, cardio, unconventional toning exercises, and nonstop movement that will have you sweating and feeling the burn within the first 5 minutes. The good thing - they cater each workout to YOUR level. You are not being compared to the guys who have been doing it for years - you are doing your own, catered workout. A good gym to check out is D-town CrossFit in Denver.

- Barre Ballet classes. I would love to have the body of a ballerina so why not try a ballerina's workout?? These classes will make you feel the burn as you go through a large series of sculpting and toning exercises, but you will feel SO good afterwards.

- Yoga. Some people do yoga to lose weight, others do it for meditation - I think it can be good for both. If you are looking to lose serious weight, I don't know if it's the best way to go (then again, I am not a health expert - I am just relaying my exercise experience). Yoga is good for flexibility, peace of mind, toning, breathing exercises and so much more. It's something that is definitely worth trying. If you go to a CorePower Yoga for the first time, you will get one week of free classes to decide if it is something you like.

- Pilates. I wish that I could say that I have done the reformer pilates with the machine but I have not tried that, although I know people who swear by it to keep them fit. They have mat classes that are a good workout. It is something that everyone should at least try.

- Kickboxing. I love kickboxing. This has been one of the greatest workouts that I have tried. You get your aggression out, you sweat out all the toxins in your body and you get a really good, full body cardio workout. I would recommend others try this workout!

Finally, you have classes like Zumba (and other fun dance classes), instructor-lead cardio circuits, group aerobics classes, outdoor groups, hiking, cycling, swimming... there are a ton of FUN ways to get in shape that don't require mindless (and monotonous) treadmill or elliptical workouts.

Try a fitness class and see if it's for you, if not, try another one. Feeling good about our bodies is one of the best ways to help us start to feel good about how we look and how our fashionable new clothes look on us.

Happy sweating and shopping :)

Xo, Kristin @ Kristin Golden Image Consulting

Friday, May 11, 2012

Pinterest... and fashion.


What is Pinterest and why is it all of the sudden he rage?

I would say that it's just another silly social media tool that's as good at wasting time as Facebook (and all the other sites that leave you wondering where the time went). But Pinterest is different in many ways. Pinterest can be especially helpful when it comes to fashion ideas.

Pinterest is a social media site where you can create your own "boards" (or image groups) which are made up of images and things that you like. You can save a handy little "pin it" button the top of your web browser and every time you're on the web and see something that you like, just click "pin it" and that item will go to a selected board on your Pinterest account. So what does this have to do with fashion?

A lot.

Pinterest is a great place to draw inspiration for fashion ideas, hair and makeup ideas, and even workout tips and tricks. I have posted many pictures to Pinterest that express my idea of a great outfit - whether it be bohemian style romantic, edgy, trendy or even men's fashion. If I see it and I like it, I "pin" it. Apparently, so do thousands of others. I love to browse the boards of other people and see what fashions they are into. It's a great way to share style ideas.

So really, what are you waiting for? Join the Pinterest cult... unless you are waiting for your invite (yes, you do have to ask for an invitation at and wait to be "invited" to join).

Here are some of the latest boards that I have "pinned" pictures and idea onto - you can find them at Subscribe to my boards to see my latest updates. Subscribe to your friends' boards and you will see everything that they update on their Pinterest accounts. "Repin" items or ideas that you like and soon people will be subscribing to and following your Pinterest boards. - check out this board for the latest on men's fashions. - to see all of my favorite (and inspirational) outfits, check out this link.

Here are some of my favorite images that you will find on my Pinterest boards:

Feel free to share your Pinterest Url so that we can see what you're favorite trends, styles and products are! 

Happy Pinning and Happy Styling!

Xo, Kristin @ Kristin Golden Image Consulting

Friday, April 27, 2012

New Ways to Wear Neutral

New Ways to Wear Neutral

After meeting with some clients today, I realized that one of the biggest qualms for women as far as wearing color is knowing what to wear that color with. I'm not necessarily talking about the uber-trendy bright colors, but more like Khakis, Navy, Gray, and even Olive Green. Many of these are colors I consider "neutrals" - as in interchangeable with black and brown for the most part, but how do you make the most of these neutral colors and what do you wear them with to keep your outfit from being so "neutral?" 

Here are some suggestions:

Color message wise, I love navy. If you are interviewing for a job, GET A NAVY BLAZER NOW! navy says "confident, reliable, dependable, honest, etc." - all good things that an employer wants to in a job candidate. Studies have shown that wearing the color navy really does impact employers' decisions as to whether or not to hire a candidate (obviously it is more of a sub-conscious thing).
Here are some great colors to pair with navy:
- Orange: No you won't look like a Bronco's player if you do it right - more navy, less orange. Orange is a great accent color to navy as it is vibrant and can really pop against the dark shade that navy comes in. 
- Bubblegum pink: vibrant colors of any kind will really help navy to do it's job - lend a supporting role, while being neutral enough to work with these bright colors and not "compete for the spotlight." Plus, navy is softer than black so there won't be such a stark contrast between the bright color and the navy. Try a navy trouser with a hot pink blouse. You'll be surprised at how "wearable" that hot pink blouse really is. 
- Turquoise: Another bright color. It pops against the navy but also blends well enough to give you that "put-togehter" look that we all crave. 
- Kelly Green: This bright shade of green works well with navy because it is a very basic (yet bright) color. I wouldn't necessarily put it with a bright blue (too many primary colors), but the navy is subtle enough to let the green shine and still look classy. 

This neutral shade is a great option - especially for those with warmer skin tones. It looks surprisingly feminine when paired with "girly"colors, yet helps those colors from looking too "frilly." It's a great neutral to help break up color while keeping black from causing too much of a contrast.
Great colors to pair with olive green are:
- Cantaloupe (light yellow): This color, paired with olive green looks feminine and flirty. Still, it doesn't look over the top girly and still is able to shine against the subtle background of an olive green staple piece. 
- Petal pink: This is one of my favorites to mix with olive green. Usually such a frilly color, "baby pink" is usually reserved for weddings and Easter Sunday. I love this color paired with olive green because it is allowed to be girly and the olive green provides a nice compliment which makes it a little more wearable on a day to day basis. No one will be expecting that you are looking for the wedding party when you pair these two together. 
- Hot pink: In a similar way that the light pink works with the olive green, so too does the bright pink. Once again, the olive green is a grounding color, allowing pink to stand out in all it's glory, but keeping it from looking too over-the-top girly. This is a perfect combination. 

Ivory isn't quite as flexible as white as far as being able to be paired with any color. Ivory demands crisp color pairings, otherwise it runs the risk of looking boring and somewhat "blah."
Some colors that will keep the ivory looking great:
- Forest green: This bright color pops against the ivory and as expected, the neutral color of the ivory keeps it from looking so startling as it would if it were paired with white. 
- Crispy baby blue: Although this isn't a bright color, this color works when added to ivory in a CRISP fashion (say a crisp blue shirt). This lets ivory take center stage, yet ads interest. 
- Hot pink: Because of the bright pop that hot pink brings, it works with ivory to keep the interest coming. Rather than looking washed out, the pink helps the ivory to do it's job - work as a base for the pink to take center stage. Even if you are wearing an ivory suit (which can look very sophisticated), a hot pink shirt underneath will steal the stage away from the suit but, the suit itself will look very appropriate and beautiful, rather than dull thanks to the pop of pink. 
- Light yellow: Again, like the baby blue, this color works really well with ivory when paired in a crisp fashion. The yellow brightens the ivory and also shows that the ivory really is that - ivory, not a dull or washed out version of yellow. 

Gray is a neutral color that I consider appropriate for almost all occasions. As a softer version of it's counterpart (black), it meshes well with a wider rage of colors because it is a more muted version. This color can be played up two different ways - you can wear it with similar muted tones such as sea foam green and light purple or you can pair it with a bright color such as cobalt blue. Both work with this neutral color.
Some of the best pairings are:
- Cobalt blue: This color will really pop against the muted gray. If the blue was being worn with black, it would almost have to compete for attention (although it does look good with black). With gray, the blue takes center stage. The gray is the perfect counterpart for this startlingly beautiful color. 
- Sea foam green: This tends to be a more muted color but it works well with gray because the two help to enhance each other. Gray does not overpower the green so it is allowed to shine in all of it's glory, yet the outfit is still subtle and subdued. 
- Lavender: Again, a more muted color, it works for the same reason. The overall outfit will be a more subtle or neutral outfit, but the lavender will be able to shine more against the gray backdrop. 
- Lemon yellow: Yellow is a great color this season and it works well with great because it is a bolder color and the gray allows it to pop, without creating too much contrast. Sometimes I am hesitant to pair yellow with black because I don't want to run the risk of looking like a bumble bee. Gray is the perfect answer because it is neutral, yet still powerful in color and the yellow allows both colors to be their best.

While you can obviously wear more than just these suggested colors with the neutral colors being featured, this is a good start to help you find some different ways to wear those colors that you already have in your closet - and is a good way to help you to start looking at colors a different way when shopping for them.

Happy shopping!

Xo, Kristin @ Kristin Golden Image Consulting

Monday, April 23, 2012

Men's Summer Styles (My list of Must-Have's for Men)

Men's Summer Styles

Summer is all about spending time in the sun, relaxing with friends, cutting out of work early to get to the BBQ, volleyball in the sand (even if you don't live by the beach), and above all, FUN with those you love. While I can write pages and pages on women's summer style (and believe me, I have and will - as it is my FAVORITE season), I thought I would dedicate a blog to men's summer style.

Summer is one of those times where you want to look great, but you don't want to put a lot of effort into it (and more importantly, you don't want to LOOK like you put a lot of effort into it). Just having a few of the right pieces can make having good style a no-brainer! 

Here is a list of some of my summer "must-haves" for men as well as some pieces that I love. Also, here are some great examples of pieces that you can find at places such as Nordstrom, Target, Nordstrom Rack, and other local retailers for prices that won't break the bank (or take away from your summer "fun" fund). 

1 - A couple of pairs of shorts in navy, camel-color, and a few others. For guys who are on the slimmer side, shorts that have big cargo pockets can help to add some "bulk" your look, giving you a a more "filled-out" appearance. For the larger gentleman, shorts that have smaller pockets are generally a better choice.

2- A great pair of sandals. It seems obvious but having a great pair of sandals that you can throw on for almost any event is essential. While I love black flip-flops, I recommend a pair in a more neutral color - these will go with almost all of your outfits and keep from making your feet look bigger (heavy looking shoes make your bottom half look heavy).

3 - Good quality, non-graphic tees. Yes, you loved your "Corona" tees back in college and I am sure that you are proud of your Greek frat tees - but those tees make you look like you are still trying to live back in college. I am not opposed to some detailing - but try and keep it a little more sophisticated than booze and fraternity themes.

4 - Light-weight button downs in fun colors - polos work too. If you brave enough, try a light purple pinstripe or even a pink. Not willing to go that "feminine?" Try something in a yellow, a green, or even a light blue. COLORS are in and will make you look great. Patterns like plaid, pinstripe, and gingham look great patterns for style that are easy and will make you look on trend.

5 - Accessories - I understand not wanting to pile on the jewelry but a nice watch (metal is still my first choice although a sporty watch will look very appropriate for most summer occasions) is a must. Also, try a leather banded bracelet or an simple (yet elegant) silver ring. You don't have to look like you borrowed your girlfriend's jewelry in order to have some accessories that add immensely to your look.

6 - A nice, well-fit pair of jeans. I still maintain that every man needs a pair of dark jeans that can be dressed up or down. For summer, add to that list a pair of medium wash jeans. Still, try and stay away from too much distressing or details as that will completely take away from the point of having "simple" or "clean-cut" denim.

7 - A good bathing suit/board shorts. I love flowers, colors, patterns, etc. Just make sure they aren't so long that they overwhelm you (below the knee gets a little long for my taste). At the same time, it is Colorado, not Europe so keep the short shorts for your girlfriend. Don't wear a swimsuit around unless you are going to be in a setting where there is potential for swimming (or at least some sand volleyball).

8 - A nice pair of sunglasses. I am a fan of the cheapies - the ones that can get lost, stepped on, or jacked by your best friend and you won't miss them, but I think a nice pair of sunglasses (these examples are Ray-Bans and Deisel) are a must-have summer item for any guy who wants to take their look up a notch.

9 - A nice shoe to wear in place of flip flops when the occasion calls. While there aren't too many events where it is inappropriate to wear flip flips, there are going to be times where a nicer shoe (or a shoe in general) is in order. A boat shoe is the perfect answer. Toms are also a great option. I love the burlap Toms for both men and women!

10 - A soft, neutral-colored summer sweater or pull-over. This will be great for evenings or cooler days. Keep it lightweight so it can mix and match with the rest of your summer attire. I recommend something in a camel-colored brown, black, navy, rust or even an off-white.

11 - A nice pair of non-denim pants in a softer color (think khaki, brown or gray) - try and stay away a from tapered leg as they won't do any body type many favors!

Happy summer and happy styling! 

Xo, Kristin @ Kristin Golden Image Consulting